Friday, July 1, 2011

Prelude To A Challenge and A Giveaway!

Remember a few weeks ago when I challenged you to walk and I mentioned something about "seeing you in a week"?  Major computer-in-the-shop fail.

So, I'm trying to make it up to you.

Beginning on July 16, challenge yourself to beat the statistics for one week.  Ladies, try walking more than 5, 120 steps in one day.  Gents, shoot for more than 7, 192 steps.  The challenge begins in two weeks.  You'll need a pedometer and a place to record your daily step count.  If you don't have a pedometer, don't worry!  I'm giving away this Awesome New Pedometer and 32 oz. water bottle.

The New Balance Via Mini tracks your steps, distance, and calories!

(yours will have blue buttons!)

What better way to get inspired to move than to have your real-time progress staring you in the face?  Only 3, 228 steps today?  Time to get out the door and GO!

You must do two things to enter:
  1. If you are not already, become a "follower" of the Fitness With Natalie blog.  Just clickety-click "follow" and viola!  You're done.
  2. Leave a comment and tell me your favorite place to walk, hike, or run.  "We have a beautiful park in Ventura called Arroyo Verde, and the trails there are my favorite place to run."
That's it!  You're entered!  Be sure to click and comment before 11:59 PST July 9, 2011for your chance to win!  Check back on Sunday, July 10 to see if you're the winner!  Open to US residents only (sorry friends across the pond...)

Let's get ready to move!  Good luck, and thanks for participating!


Ebbs said...

When I have some down time, I love taking walks with my daughter at a near by park called River Legacy. I love the trails because it is so scenic and safe. You also have a wonderful blog and I want to mention your contest on my blog if is okay :)

PeachyKeene said...

I love to walk around my neighborhood, saying hey to all my friends and neighbors. I love the me time, time to think, or listen to music. It is great. I also like to walk my dogs, they love our little walks.

Kate said...

I like walking to Starbucks! :)

Shannan J. said...

I walk/run around my neighborhood because it's easy to track my miles!!

FresnoMommy said...

I also love to walk around my neighborhood with my 2 kids because we live in a nice area and we enjoy the quietness and the nature.

melissa said...

Down by the ocean! That's why I love stroller fitness too!!

c. d. brown said...

I love to go walking in my neighborhood and near the Eno River. I especially love walking in the rain, it's the best feeling ever.

Kristin said...

It's really the day that makes it for me. I love when the sky is blue with white fluffy clouds and a cool breeze is blowing. I can walk forever on days like that.

Lisa said...

I love to walk at Lake Chabot. They have some great views, nice paved trails, and tall trees for shade.

Paige said...

I don't live anywhere near it, but in Watkins Glen, there's a gorge that's a BEAUTIFUL hike!