Friday, July 15, 2011

Get Moving!

Hello Everybody!

Tomorrow we start our walking challenge.  Armed with a pair of sneakers and a pedometer, you're going to head out into the world, and you won't return until you've amassed a serious number of steps!  Ladies, you're going to try to beat 5, 120 steps each day.  Gentlemen, you're going to try beating 7, 192 steps every day.  Think you can do it?  (Hint: I do.)

Here are some tips:
  1. Put your pedometer and your log book right next to your bed.  Put it on right when you get up, and take it off right before you get in bed.  Record your step count each night.  Make it as accurate as possible so that you can see how far you've gone each day.
  2. Keep you pedometer level and at your hip.  Attach it to your pants, but not your belt for the most accurate count.  Don't put it on the outside of your pocket.
Here are some no-no's:
  1. You may not stand still and shake it to increase the number.  Hold yourself accountable and have some integrity, for crying out loud!  There's no prize except increased fitness and a hightened awarenes of your every day movement!
  2. You may not accrue steps by jumping in place.
  3. You may not purposely skew your step count.
  4. You can throw all of these rules away and throw the curve, but I'll be awfully suspicious if you get 30, 000 steps in one day.
Are you going to beat the daily average? 

Leave a comment by predicting what your daily average will be!


Shari said...

Soo ... what if I plan to work out? Should I take it off for the workout, or leave it on? What a fun challenge!

Lisa said...

well, since i've been walking every day anyway, i would guess that i should have no problem getting the 5120 steps in each day. we'll see!