Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Healthy Kids!

This week I was lucky enough to reconnect with an acquaintance from my years in restaurants.  She has started an initiative to promote healthy options for kids when families go out to eat (HOORAY!).  If you're in Ventura, please go to http://www.first5ventura.org/ for a list of restaurants participating in this event.

Here's what Nicole hopes:
  • Lots of families take advantage of "Good For Kids Restaurant Week" and restaurants see that health is good for business
  • Restaurants see how providing healthy options for kids is EASY!
  • Kids enjoy eating fruits, vegetables, and grilled lean meats instead of fried, fried, fried.
Great job Nicole and everyone at First 5 Ventura for promoting healthy options for children.  If you are in or around Ventura, please support these great restaurants!

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